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Again, the theme running through these stories is of identity. All the kids experience adversity and have to use their own strengths and resources to win through in the end.

(All book ackets are a work in progress)

So Not Alone Cover 2.jpg
So Not Alone (Ages 14+)
No one should die at seventeen. When Kate Bluen is involved in a horrific car accident, she doesn’t expect to wake up in the morgue after having a fantastic dream of being catapulted into space and encountering, not God, but a ‘space coffin’ with a strange man inside. Her extensive injuries heal themselves, her appearance changes, then she finds herself levitating and licking the Artex on her ceiling. After this, she chooses to confront the ‘other’ in her head. What she discovers leads her on a perilous journey but her new and very strange ‘friends’ are there to help, especially as the fate of the world now depends on her.
Glimpse (Ages 14+)
Mickey and Michael are living in parallel worlds, although their realities could not be more different. When they swap consciousness, each boy is faced with having to survive in a place they are not prepared for and find strength to overcome the adversity that their new realities throw at them.
One world has already been devestated by a terrible virus and the survivors struggle to live. Is there a way to stop it happening again to the other?
Got what was coming... (Ages 12+)
Mali, half English, half Thai, tries to protect vulnerable Jessica from the cruel behaviour of the school bully, Abeba. But Mali is not exactly popular herself. The luscious but spoilt Star steals her best friend's boyfriend without thought of the consequences. All the girls (and their mothers) are entwined as their actions lead to a terrible tragedy. The girls react differently but all know the part they played. Can anything be salvaged from this dreadful situation? 
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