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I’m English but I live on a very small organic fruit and nut farm (!) in southern Spain.
We have the ubiquitous olives and oranges, but we also have lemons and limes, walnuts (the cute tree rats now get all the almonds) and avocados, nisperos and quinces. I make a lot of jams and chutneys! We have jars of green olives in brine and black olives in oil.
We live on an arid mountainside, so the threat of fires is always on our minds. Recently, there was a massive fire raging on the mountainside in the next valley. It is an awful thing to behold.


Believe it or not this is a traffic jam here where I live.


I'm also an artist and craftsperson. I am better known where I live as an artist. I belong to a prestigious art group called Artists' Network Alpujarra or ANA.
We have been exhibiting our work across this area since 2016. So, along with writing, I paint. I paint a lot!
I work with watercolours, ink pens and coloured pencils.
Here are a few images of my paintings.
I also upcycle all manner of stuff, including old food tins.
And along with the tins... I also do ceramics and make bowls, plates and hanging ornaments.


Plate 4.jpg
Gourd Watercolour.jpg
Zam-Zam 1.jpg
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