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My children's books are to do with identity and trying to fit into society, even when you know you don't belong. They deal with coming to terms with who you really are.

(All book jackets are a work in progress)

The Witch of Edaine (Ages 9 - 12)
Growing up in the village of Edaine, twelve-year-old Emmeline Rosebow comes from a country bound by its religious fanaticism and creed that all women should be meek and pious. But Emmeline shows incredible strength and other strange powers. Being different becomes dangerous when she makes an enemy of the Mayor's son Quin. And why does her father, the village priest, accept her without question? She hunts for clues as to who she is but what she discovers is horrifying. When she is ultimately accused of witchcraft , who will come to her aid?
Jed is from a race of renowned warriors who live in a far away land. Jed can see Emmeline's world through her eyes. Realising that she is his sister, Jed races with his father to try to save her life. Will they get there in time?
Not my brother (Ages 9 - 12)
Lee and his friend John witness his brother Jake doing something incredible but somehow none of them can remember it afterwards.
Despite looking like an eleven year old and living with a normal family, Jake is not human. Having only just discovered he has amazing powers, he has to use them to stop the terrifying Chancellor Equis from taking over his world.
Aided by new friends from a distant galaxy, Jake, Lee and John fight not only for their own lives, but the lives of everyone on Earth.
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